My lil heaven...

Take it step by step... and soon, you'll be doing the dance to thinness...

Hi:) I'm from Durban and go to Crawford La Lucia, doing my final year of high school (its about damn time) and most girls at my school are gorgeous with bodies of goddesses. The pressure to be thin is immense. I developed n ED over 2 years ago... ever since its been an insane rollercoaster of dropping and gaining weight... binging... purging... starving... lying... working out until i feint...
Its a hard life... but no one said reaching prefection would be thin... however, they said it would be worth it. U can bet your bottom dollar i'll do whatever it takes to get there. This is my cross to bare, and i shall do so with grace because i know the final result will be worth every hunger pang and tear:)

Live, Laugh, Love xxx
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